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Welcome to CompetitorEye.

We provide the tools required in today's marketplace to help your company make the necessary business decisions and craft marketing strategies based on real time pricing, inventory and ongoing campaigns by your competition.

We believe this information to be of such high value to your organization that we have given you this opportunity to examine it at no charge.

After your evaluation expires, no sales call, no solicitations. It will be 100% your choice to continue with our service, without hassle or sales pitch. We believe our service and reporting speaks for itself and we certainly will not bother you with a sales call. Truly a win-win!

CompetitorEye is much more than a "repricing service". Above and beyond repricing we provide reporting and analysis no other service offers. Such as competitor analysis, see what your competitors are selling but you're not. Be alerted as your competitors become more aggressive and creep into your sales. UPC analysis, be alerted to those higher ranked "duplicate" products you're not selling, but should be! "Odd-Ball" pricing alerts and many, many, many more reports and analysis the others simply don't offer. Not all services are the same.

CompetitorEye is one of the ONLY repricing services providing you with your competitors actual delivered price. Almost all other repricing services only supply the item price. Do you really want to base your repricing on partial information and lose profit?

Example. If setup to beat your competition by 2%:
Other so-called "Repricing service"

Sees delivered price as $54.99
Bases 2% off of $54.99
Makes your price $53.89

Which is a $6.20 (10%) difference from the true delivered price.
CompetitorEye Repricing Service

Sees delivered price as $60.09
Bases 2% off of $60.09
Makes your price $58.89

Which is a $1.20 (2%) difference from the true delivered price.

Do you really want to lose $5 per order because the other repricing service only looks at item price and not delivered price?

Accuracy is essential, especially when your basing your business on data.

CompetitorEye offers plans no other service can compete with. From our Premium Plan filled with many online tools and additional competitive reports and analysis to our slimmed down Premium Lite version for high ASIN volume and / or high frequency repricing down to every 5 minutes. Example pricing based on Premium Lite plan with 500 asins:

     Hourly Every 30 minutes Every 15 minutes Every 5 minutes                 
336,000 Total Repricing Checks 672,000 Total Repricing Checks 1,344,000 Total Repricing Checks 4,032,000 Total Repricing Checks
Only $11.23 a month Only $22.46 a month Only $44.93 a month Only $134.78 a month

High volume discounts are available as well as multi-month payment discounts! For more information, please see our plans and options.

How does CompetitorEye differ from other Amazon integration services? In short, we care about your success!
  • US Based. All software development and client support is in-house, we do not outsource our support to India or any other country.

  • Competitors item price (even if hidden by "add to cart") as well as shipping price; which is not available via Amazon API used solely by many of our colleagues in the industry.

    Our engine bases pricing decisions (repricing / reprice) on current delivered pricing (item price *AND* current shipping price) of your listing and that of your competitors. This is key, many services can only reprice based on price alone. With CompetitorEye, the delivered price makes all the difference. Would you really want to base your pricing on only half of the picture?

  • Absolutely NO setup fee's, NO long term contracts to sign, NO percentage of your monthly sales! Our pricing is solely dependent and configurable based on the amount of ASINS to monitor and how often. Simple and affordable! We are so confident in our service, we even offer a free "try-before you buy" trial.

  • We are not all about lowering your price to the floor. We want you to be profitable! With our sophisticated chase technology, we can handle price wars based on your priorities.

  • We do not force you to reprice, we will provide all services, reporting and repricing suggestions  if we update Amazon for you or not.

  • We include the full raw data report for your own internal integration with your system, this raw data comes complete with all pertinent information concerning your item which includes, current sales rank, current buy box owner, price, shipping, stock availability and that of the top 3 featured sellers. Bonus: When available, pricing and shipping for the top 16 secondary page sellers as well.

  • Many online reporting formats for analyzing the data, segment and view only those products needing work, or those by a certain manufacturer or in a specific category.

  • Product import via direct feed to CompetitorEye and / or direct Amazon storefront synchronization, keeping your reporting "in-sync" with only those products your presently selling. As you create new products on Amazon, we will report on them automatically, as others fall off or become out of stock we can ignore them. This is fully configurable.

  • Many on-demand reports for obtaining current buy box or inventory reports for your competitors as well as a complete set of tools for competitive research.

  • UPC/ASIN analysis reports, which help determine those better selling duplicate ASINS you should be selling under.

  • From market trending to competitor ASIN trending -- It is our goal to provide you with information overload.

This and more at an incredibly reasonable price. No contracts, nothing to sign or be bound to. Use our service for a single week or month to month. We force no long term service agreements.

We encourage you to explore our site, use our tools and reports, get to know what we have to offer. We are confident you will be dazzled over the abilities of our CompetitorEye technology. We go above and beyond simply showing you your placement, we actually provide the tools and reports needed to help you succeed on Amazon!

(Help with getting started)  

If you would like to suggest a free evaluation candidate, simply enter the organization's name in our comment area. Your email address, name or any other information provided will be kept in the strictest of confidence and never shared with anyone.
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