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Competitive Intelligence and the Amazon Buy Box.

No business is an island. For success, the business will need to deal with customers, suppliers, employees, and others. In almost all cases there will also be other organizations offering similar products to similar customers. These other organizations are competitors. And their objective is the same - to grow, make money and succeed. Effectively, the businesses are at war - fighting to gain the same resource and territory: the customer. And like in war, it is necessary to understand the enemy: how he thinks, what his strengths are, what his weaknesses are, where he is vulnerable, where he can be attacked, where the risk of attack is too great, and so on.

And like in war, they will have secrets that can be the difference between profit and loss, expansion or bankruptcy for the business. Identifying these secrets is thus crucial for business survival. You have made the first step, now you may find yourself wondering what to do next, how to use the information provided, what are the benefits?

Basic description of our service:

  • CompetitorEye monitors your products pricing and placement.
  • Simply supply the product catalog you wish to monitor. Usually in-stock products you have listed.
  • Set your monitoring schedules to your specific time block requirements or needs.
  • During your specified time block, we will monitor your active product catalog storing the items selling price, shipping cost and stock, as well as placement position of you and your competitors.
  • We then send you the raw report via FTP and or email for easy integration or review.
  • We provides many online tools and filters to properly analyze the report.
  • We can instantly alert you as your organization falls outside your preferred placement.

Basic description of the benefits:

The "Buy Box" owner on Amazon,, etc. typically receives the default sale whenever a customer adds the product to their cart from the search page or from the highly visible top of page "Add to cart" button.

Although lineup merchants have "Add to cart" buttons as well, they are usually not the default fulfiller when consumers click the more prominently displayed "Add to cart" button, users have to specifically choose your organization to purchase from you when not the Buy Box owner. For this reason becoming the "Buy Box" winner, fulfiller can be extremely beneficial to your sales.

Our service highlights the products your doing well on, the products which may need pricing adjustments to stay competitive and which products you can potentially raise your price to maximize profits while continuing to own the "Buy Box" and because product pricing is ever changing, we can do this for you multiple times a day.

Utilizing our reports, your organization has the ability to include adjusted pricing or shipping changes in you product pricing feeds. CompetitorEye can even automate this process for you and update your pricing on Amazon automatically (repricing) which will help achieve your goals, be it to try and win the Buy Box, increase your profitability while retaining the Buy Box or to just get a feel for the market. Of course even without automation, the value of manual report review is extremely rewarding in itself.

Tools, reports and CompetitorEye:

We offer many online reports and tools available to analyze the raw data we provide, to simplify your job and help you to see the big picture, or the minute details depending on your task. Looking into expansion or adding to your product mix? Review what your core competitors are doing and at what price points. An excellent tool for your buying, marketing and sales staff.

With our CompetitorEye "CE Tool" technology and "Historical reports" review, we can help you gain the upper hand. Know exactly what your competition is doing even for products or departments your not currently selling.

The competitive intelligence required in today's marketplace to help you stay profitable and in-line with current conditions and trends.

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