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Pending Orders

Pre-pending (future) order notification

When a customer makes a purchase on Amazon, the order is held in a review status until Amazon has completed its anti-fraud and other relevant checking on the order – which can take days in some cases. Upon completion of this process, Amazon changes the status of the order to “unshipped” and "officially" sends the appropriate seller the order, this is now a "Pending Order" waiting to be shipped and your clock starts on Amazon for your shipdate.

CompetitorEye can alert you to pre-pending orders via email, we can do this for you in several ways.

  • Notify you of pre-pending orders on all items you are selling on Amazon, no matter if CompetitorEye is actively monitoring them for pricing and placement.
  • Notify you of pre-pending orders on all items you are selling on Amazon, no matter if CompetitorEye is actively monitoring them for pricing and placement which has an order quantity ≥ your specific threshold.
  • Notify you of pre-pending orders, for only items CompetitorEye is monitoring for you with a last known stock level ≤ your specified threshold.

Knowing of pre-pending orders before they become pending orders can grant tremendous benefits in low stock inventory control allowing you to avoid messy oversells, cancelations and backorders and at the same time extending your "ship-by clock" by giving you a heads-up concerning the pending "official" order.

One such example of this benefit: Lets say you have 5 in-stock for a particular item in your warehouse and that you set that item stock level to 3 on Amazon allowing you to sell 2 via your own web site or alternate channels. In many cases, and without pre-order notification, if additional orders came in from your other channels, and knowing of the Amazon pre-orders, this gives you time to order additional stock in anticipation of the order coming in and or removing the item from your amazon inventory, preventing the order from arriving. -- Preventing backorders.

Without this type of notice, you may have over-sold and created a backorder, or cancel order situation, both being “not so good” in Amazon’s eyes. Proper inventory management can be very good for your customers, Amazon and your ratings.

CompetitorEye will send you an email alert when pre-pending orders exist matching your criteria as quickly as every ten minutes. Although not available at this time, CompetitorEye can also send a data feed to your FTP location concerning these pre-pending orders allowing you to build an import on your own system to load them and appropriately set inventory allocations to “hold”.

This service is an optional service you can attach to your regular monitoring account for the introductory price of $99 a month.
This service requires additional setup on your part (3 minutes) as well as CompetitorEye’s part (no setup fee) and will require granting CompetitorEye limited access to your seller-central account. Specifically Order-Management View/Edit settings. – Although CompetitorEye will not manually login to your seller-central account or edit any data, Its simply a security requirement we need to access the order data on your behalf.

CautionThis option is only available to our clients. Please sign in or create an account to continue.
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